Fish Collection Map

Years ago I started playing with the Google Maps API, and created a fish collection map of NC with as many specimen collection locations as I could get my hands on. Many institutions compile and map their own data, however it is my belief that mapping the data on Google Maps instead, provides a much cleaner and user friendly experience. These data are represented here via that same API. All data points are the intellectual property of their original owners/institutions/collectors, and were collected from various open databases. These maps were created to facilitate your collecting trips, but it is important to note that it would be impossible to independently verify every data point. There are something like 100,000 + records here, and it is possible, if not likely, that some are in error.


Fish Collection Map
A screen shot from the fish collection map data

Fish Collection Maps:


Fish specimen data used in this map obtained from the North Carolina State Science Museum, AM, ANSP, CAS, CMN, CUMV, FMNH, FSBC, INHS, KU, LACM, LSUMZ, MCZ, MHP, MMNS, MSUM, NRM, OS, OSUM, ROM, TCWC, TNHC, TU, UA, UAFC, UCM, UF, UMMZ, USNM, UWFC, YPM, ZMUC (Accessed through the Fishnet2 Portal,, 2013-12-21).



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