Rock Sea Bass - Centropristis philadelphica
Rock Sea Bass – Centropristis philadelphica

Family Serranidae

The Serranidae are a family of Perciformes fishes that include the sea basses and groupers. The family includes 75 genera and 536 species. The total number found is NC is hard to quantify, so we will be adding species to the page as we encounter them.

Species List

Scientific Name Common Name Range
Epinephelus mystacinus Misty Grouper Range Map
Hyporthodus flavolimbatus Yellowedge Grouper Range Map
Epinephelus niveatus Snowy Grouper Range Map
Epinephelus adscensionis Rock Hind Range Map
Epinephelus morio Red Grouper Range Map
Epinephelus drummondhayi Speckled Hind Range Map
Mycteroperca venenosa Yellowfin Grouper Range Map
Mycteroperca interstitialis Yellowmouth Grouper Range Map
Mycteroperca microlepis Gag Grouper Range Map
Mycteroperca bonaci Black Grouper Range Map
Mycteroperca phenax Scamp Grouper Range Map
Choranthias tenuis Threadnose Bass Range Map
Anthias nicholsi  Yellowfin Bass Range Map
Hemanthias leptus Longtail Bass Range Map
Hemanthias vivanus Red Barbier Range Map
Pronotogrammus martinicensis Roughtongue Bass Range Map
Cephalopholis cruentata Graysby Range Map
Dermatolepis inermis Marbled Grouper Range Map
Gonioplectrus hispanus Spanish Flag Range Map
Paranthias furcifer Creole-Fish Range Map
Rypticus maculatus Whitespotted Soapfish Range Map
Liopropoma eukrines Wrasse Bass Range Map
Centropristis striata Black Sea Bass Range Map
Centropristis philadelphica Rock Sea Bass Range Map
Centropristis ocyurus Bank Sea Bass Range Map
Diplectrum bivittatum Dwarf Sand Perch Range Map
Diplectrum radiale Pond Perch Range Map
Diplectrum formosum Sand Perch Range Map
Schultzea beta School Bass Range Map
Serraniculus pumilio Pygmy Sea Bass Range Map
Serranus atrobranchus Blackear Bass Range Map
Serranus annularis Orangeback Bass Range Map
Serranus subligarius Belted Sandfish Range Map
Serranus baldwini Lantern Bass Range Map
Serranus phoebe Tattler Range Map
Serranus notospilus Saddle Bass Range Map

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Rock Sea Bass - Centropristis philadelphica
Rock Sea Bass – Centropristis philadelphica


Black Sea Bass - Centropristis striata
Black Sea Bass – Centropristis striata


Belted sandfish - Serranus subligarius
Belted sandfish – Serranus subligarius


Gag Grouper - Mycteroperca microlepis
Gag Grouper – Mycteroperca microlepis

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