Fish Families of North Carolina

Banded Sunfish - Enneacanthus obesus
Banded Sunfish – Enneacanthus obesus


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North Carolina Fishes РFish Families

We are adding descriptions of each of the freshwater fish families known from NC, and adding pictures and distributions as time permits us. The saltwater families are included as we encounter them, because the extent of marine fishes in NC is much more difficult to quantify.

Petromyzontidae Northern Lampreys
Acipenseridae Sturgeons
Polyodontidae Paddlefishes
Lepisosteidae Gars
Amiidae Bowfin
Hiodontidae Mooneyes
Anguillidae Eels
Clupeidae Herrings
Cyprinidae Minnows
Catostomidae Suckers
Ictaluridae Catfishes
Esocidae Pikes
Umbridae Mudminnows
Salmonidae Trouts
Aphredoderidae Pirate Perches
Amblyopsidae Swampfishes
Atherinopsidae Neotropical Silversides
Fundulidae Killifishes
Poeciliidae Live Bearers
Cottidae Sculpins
Moronidae Temperate Basses
Centrarchidae Sunfishes
Percidae Perches
Sciaenidae Drums
Elassomatidae Pygmy Sunfishes
Eleotridae Sleepers
Gobiidae Gobies
Blenniidae Blennies
Triglidae Searobins
Serranidae Sea Basses and Groupers