Fishes of North Carolina


NCFishes is dedicated to photographing as many North Carolina fish species as we can get our hands on. We are currently getting setup, aggregating photos, and creating content. So please bear with us as we pull everything together.

Dolphin – Coryphaena hippurus

As our collection grows, it has become apparent that we need a way of classifying our photographs. A lot of our site traffic stems from users of mobile devices, and a static gallery of a hundred fish photographs is a bit much to download. We have decided to divide our gallery into family pages, which will be a lot easier on your data usage. You can access our families page HERE, but please keep in mind they are still under development. Some people will find that classification system a bit overwhelming, and so we maintain the original static gallery HERE. As the site grows, we will do our best to keep both pages updated with the latest photographs and information.


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  1. Was looking through this website and found t really helpful! I just got back from the outer banks today but while we were there my Boyfriend and I caught a bunch of different fish in the surf. Managed to catch two of the plane head filefish you helped me identify. Thanks!

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